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Step-by-Step Guide
Step-by-step guide to commissioning a poem

Step 1
Complete the information form giving as much information as possible about the individual, occasion, plus mention anything specific you would like to be included, including perhaps specific phrases the individual uses.  Remember that I probably don't know the person, so need as much as possible to work with.  I won't necessarily include every piece of information; it will depend how the poem forms.

Step 2
Submit the form to Sublime Rhyme.

Step 3
You will receive the first draft of your poem within 5 working days, then you can comment and liaise with Sublime Rhyme, who will revise your poem twice, if necessary.

Step 4
Payment instructions will be sent once you are happy with the finished poem.  Prices start at £40 for a short poem for one person. As each poem is unique, costs increase depending on the complexity, length and size of audience.